Vets making a difference – pet sterilisation now more accessible   

Pet owners in the Lowveld have something to celebrate – the West Acres Animal Hospital in Mbombela (Nelspruit) has introduced a revolutionary sterilisation initiative. This incredible project aims to promote and encourage the spaying of domestic pets by offering sterilisation services at a reduced cost of up to 50%.

According to one of the four resident veterinarians, Dr Albertus Coetzee, the long term plan was borne out of the practice’s desire to make primary health care of pets more accessible to the public without compromising the quality of care. Another motivating factor was the increasing amount of animals getting euthanised in the region due to the ever-growing number of strays or unwanted domestic animals.


Dr Coetzee and the other vets at West Acres Animal Hospital, Dr Debbie Opperman, Dr Jacqui Hardy and Dr Nicola Colborne are passionate about animals and believe they can make a difference. The statistics speak for themselves as does the algorithm that for every cat sterilised 67 000 cats are saved from euthanasia in a five-year cycle. This, and all the health benefits sterilisation affords pets, motivates these veterinarians to do more to change the current status quo.

“Our priority is to provide what our communities need in terms of domestic pet care as this will be beneficial not only for the animals and their owners but the general public too,” explains Albertus, “We have a professional team and the infrastructure to make this happen and that is exactly what we are going to be doing.”

Besides decreasing the number of euthanised animals, sterilisation has an abundance of other health benefits. These include the prevention of mammary cancer and uterine infection in females and a decrease in interspecies aggression in males.

Having seen the need in the community the reputable animal hospital decided to start offering sterilisations at a discounted price from February which is World Sterilisation Month. The service is available to all dog and cat owners in the Lowveld regardless of their income bracket or residential zone. Procedures are done Monday to Friday, but strictly by appointment. Pet owners need only contact the practice and book a spot for their furbabies.


West Acres Animal Hospital can be contacted on 013 741 2026 between 07:30 and 18:00 or via email at

Enquirers: Tammy Oosthuizen or Stephanie Flowers

Tel: 013 741 2026

There has never been a better time and easier way of sterilising your pets so do the responsible thing!